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07.06.2023 - 5 min read

Estrogen, Too Low As Bad As Too High

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How Important Is Estrogen?

Estrogen has always been known as the “female” hormone and testosterone the “male” hormone, but both are present in everyone’s bodies. Testosterone is the most significant hormone to sexual development and reproductive function in men. But balance is the key, and like all hormone’s estrogen needs to stay in balance with testosterone. This balance is vital to help control many functions in both men and women including sex drive, and in men the ability to have and maintain an erection and produce sperm.

Men Are Often Unaware Of The Critical Role That Estrogen Plays In Their Day-To-Day Health.

Estrogen is found in small but critical amounts in men. It needs to be in balance with the rest of your hormones, especially testosterone for you to feel well. Estrogen levels and testosterone levels are closely related. In fact, low testosterone is one of the primary causes of low estrogen.

Most Men Assume That Their Testosterone Levels Have A Significant Impact On Their Health, And Obviously That Is True.

You may experience a wide range of symptoms if testosterone levels are too low. But what most men may not know is that their estrogen levels can also be an important contributor to their overall health. While testosterone levels steadily drop as you age, low testosterone may happen at any age.

Hormones Like Estrogen Are Critical For Regulating Sexual Desire In Both Men And Women.

Many men may experience low libido (or sex drive) if their estrogen levels are too low, but only if their testosterone levels are also too low. If your testosterone is low, your body does not have the raw materials needed to create the main form of estrogen known as estradiol and this form of estrogen is especially crucial to male sexuality.

Men’s bodies produce estradiol as a byproduct of the breakdown of testosterone. That is why the symptoms of low testosterone and the symptoms of low estrogen often look so similar. They are occurring at the same time, and it can be difficult to determine which is causing what. Most of these symptoms, especially the symptoms related to how you feel every day could appear on a list of either low testosterone or low estrogen. These are simply symptoms of overall hormone imbalance.

The Production Of Estrogen In A Male Body Is Not Only Completely Normal, But Also Necessary.

The testes, fat cells, and adrenal glands produce estrogen. Estrogen is required for the healthy function of your brain, other vital organs, your mood, and the healthy metabolism of fat and the regulation of fat mass vs lean mass.

Estrogen Also Has Other Functions In The Human Body:

  • Helps control cholesterol levels
  • Helps to maintain bone and heart health

Low Estrogen Levels In Men Can Produce Symptoms Such As:

  • Decreased sex drive
  • Fat accumulation and excess fat around the belly
  • Bone loss and osteoporosis
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Researchers found that males with cardiovascular disease had lower levels of testosterone and estrogen

What Is Growth Hormone? There Are Many Reasons Why Your Body May Be Producing Too Much Estrogen

As mentioned earlier, fat cells can produce estrogen and if you suffer from obesity, your excess fat can be producing too much estrogen.

Symptoms Of High Estrogen Levels In Men :

  • Erectile dysfunction, loss of libido and sex drive, infertility, and other types of sexual dysfunction
  • Shrinking muscle mass
  • Persistent fatigue or lack of energy and feeling exhausted
  • Hot flashes
  • Having trouble focusing
  • Mood swings, anxiety, and depression
  • Insomnia

Increased Levels Of Estrogen Can Also Cause Conditions Such As:

  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Hyperthyroidism or an overactive thyroid
  • Liver disease such as cirrhosis
  • Research into the effect of estrogen on migraines indicates that males with higher estrogen levels may be at a higher risk of having migraines.
  • Abnormally high estrogen levels can be a risk factor for certain forms of cancer.

As You Know, Getting The Right Care Is Critical To Protecting Your Health.

You can have low testosterone by itself or low estrogen by itself, but often they go hand in hand. The symptoms are remarkably similar which means that it is almost impossible to determine which hormone is insufficient without blood lab results evaluated by a professional experienced in hormone supportive therapy.

Just like testosterone and other hormones, a level is only “low” if you are experiencing symptoms. If you are experiencing symptoms, you will want to get a blood test to see precisely what is going on. At Peak Male Institute you should receive your lab test results typically in about a week.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned here, call Peak Male Institute at (941) 203-8944 and schedule a consultation with one of our clinicians experienced in hormone supportive therapy or SEND US A NOTE.